You have your visa for Australia, congrats mate! You booked your flight and now you are facing the million dollar question: what to pack for moving to Australia. This country is bloody far from everywhere so shipping can be quite pricey and you might be better off buying new things when you get here. What to pack for moving to Australia really depends on your life stage and moving budget.

Some of you may have a fully established household and moving with the whole family you, many of us decided to narrow it down to a suitcase. Either way it’s likely that you won’t be able to take the entire household. After moving countries 5 times I came up with a system that will help you with your packing. This approach will help you decide what to pack form moving to Australia by categorising all your possessions in one of these 4 piles;
• Take now
• Take later
• Keep at parent’s house
• Let go of

Take now

These are things that are absolutely necessary for your survival in the first 6 months in Australia and are less expensive to take with you than to replace. I know it’s hard to believe but there are also shops in Australia and you can start piling up STUFF again as soon as you get off the plane. Really think about whether it’s more expensive to get a second suitcase or ship over a box or just get a new one. A $50 hair drier for example can be easily replaced, and you won’t need to worry about converting the plugs.
Depending on how big your take now pile is you can decide whether you are happy with just a suitcase or pack some stuff for shipping.

Take later

Instead of trying to take everything in the first round, moving from one temporary accommodation to another with 3 suitcases. Creating a second pile for those things you can survive a few months without will make your life a lot easier. You will go home at some point or have friends and family to visit, so you can get these later when you are settled in.

Leave at parent’s house

Until you don’t know how long you are going to stay in Australia there are a few things that are better left at your parents or a friend’s house. These are valuable, large or heavy things and it will only really make sense to bring these over once you know you will stay in Australia for good.

Let go of

It’s only human that we pile up a lot of clutter so this stack will most likely to be your biggest one. What to pack for moving to Australia can be overwhelming especially, because we will need to let go of possessions we grew to like over the years but realistically it makes no sense to take them with us. This should be everything you don’t use, and realistically won’t use again. You can give these away, donate it to charity or sell them. Bigger objects like furniture you can sell on e-Bay, Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace, and take the rest to a car boot sale. It’s a fun day out with your friends and you can make some cash to cover your moving expenses. I made £500 when I left London.

For more tips on what to pack, shipping options, booking flights and much more download a copy of the Living Guide for Sydney.

LIVING GUIDE FOR SYDNEY |The e-book expats wish existed when they moved

  • How to get a visa to Australia?
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  • How to get around?
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