I was talking about making the move for 2 years, but it seemed like a distant dream. When I first found out that I got a job in Australia I couldn’t believe it. Things escalated quickly I had to start packing, quit my job, get a visa but the first time it felt real is when I booked my flight. It was the moment when sh*t just got real. That’s it, I am actually moving to Sydney. Soon enough reality kicked in… this is going to cost me an absolute fortune, which I don’t happen to have. Luckily having travelled a lot I have a few tricks and tips under my belt about how to find a cheap flight to Australia, that I will share with you.


If you would like to find a cheap flight to Australia it is important that you start doing a diligent research. Gauging what is out there will help you seeing a great deal when it’s right in front of you.

Comparison sites are a great place to start, my favourites are Momondo and Skyscanner. They are the largest flight search engines; you can enter your departure, destination cities, dates and they will list all flights available starting with the cheapest options. They even give you options between booking with the airline directly and different travel agencies selling the same flight. Regularly checking these sites will help you understand what would be a fair price for that route on your dates. There are many filtering options e.g. company, time of departure and landing etc. and you can even see whether flights are cheaper or more expensive on other days.

Do your research

Using Momondo’s Flight Insight Tool, you can even check the best time to book a specific route broken down by month, day of the week, time of the day and how much in advance.

Once you gauged what would be a reasonable price to get your flight at, make sure that you don’t miss out on the opportunity. Comparison sites have a fare alert that automatically e-mails you when prices drop on your route for your traveling dates.

To help you find a cheap flight to Australia you can also download Hopper (iOS, Android), which is a handy app that helps with the best time to book, and get alerts for best time to book.

Keep it flexible

What happens if you already know that you are moving, but don’t know the exact dates yet but found the perfect deal? Many airlines allow you to add flexibility for a small extra charge. If you chose this option you can change your flight to a different date without a fee only paying for the fare difference.

Found a flight, but not sure about it yet, or you are just waiting for payday to book? Another great trick is to use the hold fare functionality. Many airlines will freeze the fare for you for a small charge ($10-20) and allow you took book the flight at a later date at the same price.

It can be a bit overwhelming having to suddenly taking care of so much life admin. Use our ultimate Moving to Australia Checklist so you don’t forget anything.