Living Guide for Sydney – E-book

It’s frustrating having to figure ourt everything yourself when moving to Sydney. There is only so much research you can do, and so much unknown. What if someone has already done the research for you? Living Guide for Sydney is an e-book with all the information you need written by an expat who moved countries five times. Read this book to avoid unpleasant surprises and be fully prepared for your move to Sydney.

If you have been browsing hundreds of blogs, asking dozens of people about moving to Sydney and still got nowhere, you are not alone. Many of our fellow expats wentthrough the same frustrating research. After interviewing hundreds of expats the one thing everyone wish they had during the move is a single PDF with all the information in one place.

As much as it is exciting to move to a new place, it’s almost inevitable to encounter some unpleasant surprises. There was the girl who got fined, because she took public transport but didn’t know how to get a ticket. Likewise the family who arrived and just ended up standing in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of suitcases and two kids? They were let down by the relocation company and had nowhere to stay. Nobody would like to end up in these situations, but what can we do to avoid them? How can we prepare if we don’t know the right questions to ask?

How can Landed help with all this?

One thing that all expats in unanimously agree that it would have been most useful to have a single e-book when they were moving to Sydney. Just a pdf with all the information in one place. Simple right?

What if we told you that this e-book exist? What if we told you that someone has done the research for you already? The Living Guide for Sydney was designed to be exactly what expats with they had at the time of their moving. This handy e-book sums up everything you need to know about living in and moving to Sydney.

If you are planning on moving to Sydney or recently arrived, this book will answer any questions you have. We even included a section for Aussie slang. You don’t want to end up standing there confused and offended when someone speaks openly about your thongs or tell you how pissed they are.

What is in the book?

Living Guide for Sydney is designed to take you through the moving process step by step starting from getting a job and a visa, through finding and settling into a home, figuring out all the admin and paperwork to becoming a true Sydneysider knowing all the local spots, connecting with other expats, making new friends.

  • Immigration info – how to get an Australian visa?
  • Moving – what to pack, short term accommodation, paperwork and much more
  • Finding a home – how to get an apartment, areas to live in, furniture stores
  • Insurance – compulsory medical insurance, car insurance
  • Getting around – driving, public transportation, trains and internal flights
  • Jobs – Australian CV, how to get a job, wages, taxes, farm work and much more
  • Finance – banks, payments, BPay and more
  • Education – Australian education system, Universities, student living and more
  • Living – lifestyle, costs of living, history, attractions, making friends, sport and much much more

Can you think of anything else? After moving countries five times no stones are left unturned.