So you decided moving to Sydney alone? It’s exciting but it seems scary at the same time. There are so many places to visit, bars and restaurants to try but probably it would be lonely to go by yourself. These 6 tips will help you make new friends in Sydney and will jumpstart your friendship circle.

TIP #1 Pubs and bars

Maybe it seems like a scary idea to walk into a bar by yourself, but Australians are proud of how friendly they are to strangers. One of the great ways to make new friends in Sydney is just to walk into any bar. People will take an interest in where you are from, what you do and will always be up for a chat. Find a list of Sydney’s most sociable bars here.

TIP #2 Sunday sessions

Sunday sessions are relaxed atmosphere day drinking spots and events, a sociable way to close the weekend and make new friends in Sydney. With some light drinks and chilled background music it’s easy to make conversation and get to know each other. Click here for Sydney’s best Sunday Session sports.

TIP #3 Meetups

There are so many new places to check out when moving to a new city, but most many of them are much more fun to do with other people rather than alone. Meetup groups are organised for exactly that reason. Meet people who are interested in the same things as you are. From bush walk groups, party people, crypto traders to sailing enthusiasts there are groups for literally any hobby and interest. I challenge you to think of anything that you can’t find. Head to meetup.com and internations.org and sign up for something fun tomorrow.

TIP #4 Beach life saving clubs

Life saving clubs are organisations of volunteers to ensure safety on the beach. People from all ages are welcomed and after a short training you can start as a patron. Each club has their own history, events and ceremonies. It’s a great way to make new friends in Sydney in and you do something good at the same time.

TIP #5 Sport clubs

One of the awesome things about Sydney is that everyone loves their sports. There are plenty of sport clubs to choose from depending on what you enjoy and the level of your fitness. Just to give a few examples there are outdoor boxing classes in Hyde park, yoga by the sea in Bondi, rugby, cricket and bowling everywhere. Sydney swimming clubs have a long history and hold regular competitions. Finally sports will keep you healthy in addition to building a quick bond and make new friends in Sydney.

TIP #6 Backpacker hostels and bars

The whole awkwardness to start a conversation with a stranger is completely non-existent in hostels. Amongst travellers there are many people staying in a hostel when they first arrive, consequently they are in the same shoes as you. Hence it’s a good idea to join a hostel group rather than discovering Sydney’s bars on your own. If you are feeling more adventurous pretend being a tourist for a weekend and chill at a hostel in a different part of town?

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