I hear you are moving to Sydney? So happy for you! How many times have you been asked you in the past few weeks if you are excited? Are you? Or is it a mix of nervous, excited and haven’t really processed it yet?

I know how you feel… I just moved to Sydney in April and trust me it was still the same feeling coming up to my 5th country to live in.

Yepp, I couldn’t wait to go to the Opera House or to chill at Bondi beach and go to explore all the restaurants and ice cream shops my well travelled friends recommended. Realistically however, I was going to spend my first week running around like a headless chicken opening a bank account, getting a SIM card, Opal card, toilettries and electricals with an Aussie plug. Can someone tell me already why we need to have different power sockets all over the world?

Next thing I know, I was sitting on a plane with a 24 hour flight ahead of me, moving again to country I never been to.

24 hours later… It’s 6 pm Easter Monday, I am in Sydney yey! it’s warm and smells tropical. I am dragging a large, a small suitcase, my handbag. With one hand I am trying to squeeze a bag of overpriced mini toilettries, converters and chargers into my backpack that I collected at London airport while with the other hand I am trying to fix up some wifi to get a cab. I got this!

7am the next morning
My Airbnb is about a 15 minutes bus ride from my new job but I still need to get a bus ticket so just in case I will leave enough time to walk it if I need to, the jetlag and excitement is keeping me awake anyway.

Walking around in circles in the area of my new office building, I have another hour to kill. Seriously… who plans 2 hours to buy an Opal card and complete a 15 minutes bus ride? It’s better to be safe than sorry right?

My new colleagues are lovely, the office building is great.

I need to fill out a heaps of papers with basic info like address, bank account number, tax file number, phone number, basically a ton of numbers I don’t have. Why is being an adult sooo hard? All I want to do is go an check out the Opera House.

I finally got myself a SIM card, was that so hard?
Can I finally make phone calls?
I accidentally got one of those old school giant ones that you can’t pop a micro SIM out of. Why are they even still selling these?

After a successful 2nd attempt of acquiring a SIM card I find out that my phone is locked for only cards in the EU zone. Is this a thing??? Really??

It’s already Thursday and I shoot out of the office at 5:30 to make it in time for the phone shop. I am so excited!! Not because I am going to a phone shop, but this is the first time I am going to cross Harbour Bridge and see the Opera House. Funny to think about it now that the first sight was me tiptoing on the train and getting a peek of the top of the sails in the dark. I am actually on the bus looking at them right now as I am writing this. They look a lot better in sunlight I am not going to lie… I made a promise to myself that everytime I cross the bridge or Circular Quay I will stop being burried in my phone to stare the iconic landmarks of Sydney instead, and take a moment to appreciate that I am here.

Coming back from the little side track: it’s Thursday evening and I finally have a functioning phone number yey. This doesn’t only mean that I can finally make phone calls, but I can finally get a bank account. Did you know that in Australia you can open a bank account online in 3 minutes? All you need is an Aussie phone number. How cool is that!

It’s all funny to think back, but this is not what I want for you.

Here is the scenario I planned for you.

Your visa is in process, you already booked your flights and Airbnb.
It’s time to start packing, finding a shipping company you try to sort out as much as you can.
It’s 2 weeks to go when you receive your Aussie SIM card through the post, and 10 minutes later you have a bank account.

You land at Kingsord, it’s warm and smells tropical.

You walk out through arrivals, and spot your name held by Davo, your friendly driver. Your Landed package is waiting for you on the back seat.

While you are in the cab you message everyone at home that you safely arrived to Sydney.

35 minutes later you are in an Airbnb in Surry Hills, this is going to be your home for the next 2 months.

You put your phone on charge and get a quick shower. The flight was exhausting but the excitement keeps you awake. You jump on a bus and go to have a glass of vine at the Opera House Bar, why not? It’s only 6 pm and you have everything sorted. Cheers! and welcome to Sydney!

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