One of the biggest challenges when we move to a new city is figuring out how to get around. Is it better to use public transportation or shall I get a car? How do I pay for the bus? How do I get from A to B? You must have so many questions: these 16 Sydney transport apps will help you navigate around the city.

Public Transportation and Maps

Google Maps

Google Maps is certainly one of the most useful Sydney transport apps. It is a universal map app where you can view where you are. It has a handy journey planner that will help you getting anywhere even between cities or interstate. Google Maps show you the way by walk, public transportation or car. The app also displays if the buses are coming early or running late on your route.

Download Google Maps:
iOS            Android


Another app with a map of the city. The journey planner only works within the city, however it’s extremely useful and functional. Citymapper displays a real-time countdown for the buses and trains. You can set your home location, and work and the app will automatically pop up showing your route to work and back. You can customise the time and your route preferences. City mapper also gives you an option to call an Uber. If you are still not convinced they have some funky features showing future lines that are still under construction, hoverboard or teleportation.

Download Citymapper:
iOS            Android


If you are confident about your route, but you need a handy and light app for the time tables TripView is for you. This popular app shows train, bus and ferry times by station. Yes, we do actually commute by ferry in Sydney. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s most popular with Sydneysiders who live a bit further outside of the city, and use the train to get home.

Download TripView:
iOS            Android


Opal card is a handy smart-card that we use to pay for public transportation in Sydney. This is one of the most useful Sydney transport apps, as it will allow you to keep track of your journeys, top up and manage your Opal cards.

Download Opal:
iOS            Android

Driving, Bikes and Car Rental


CarHire is a useful app that compares different car hiring providers based on your route and time you need a car for. It gives you a number of filtering options as well to find the most suitable car at the best price.

Download CarHire:
iOS            Android


If you regularly rent cars it’s worthy to pick your favourite rental company and download their app on your phone. Europcar is one of the popular rental companies. You can make reservations through the app, extend your booking if necessary and pay in the end.

Download EuropCar:
iOS            Android


Just like Europcar, Hertz is one of the big international car rental companies. If you prefer them, keep the app on your phone to make and manage bookings, pay for your rental and keep track of your trips.

Download Hertz:
iOS            Android


Another car rental company app for managing bookings from your phone. Similarly to Europcar and Hertz Sixt is a large international company, which one to choose is really up to your on personal preference.

Download Sixt:
iOS            Android


Unlike the other rental companies GoGet cars and minivans are all over the city. Once you are registered you receive a magnetic card, that you can use to open the car door when it’s booked. You can use GoGet to hire a car for only a few hours. The app helps you to manage your bookings and extend if necessary. It’s a great addition to your Sydney transport apps.

Download GoGet:
iOS            Android

Car Next Door

Car Next Door allows you to rent your neighbour’s car from a few hours to a couple of days. The app allows you to make and manage bookings. If the booking is confirmed, you receive details about where the car is located and an automatically generated code for a lockbox with the car keys inside.

Download Car Next Door:
iOS            Android

Park Mobile

If you decided to get your own car in Sydney, Park Mobile will come in handy for you. It’s such an inconvenience having to find the parking lot, always having change on you and running back if you are staying slightly longer. This app lets you pay and extend your parking tickets in the city online.

Download Park Mobile:
iOS            Android


If you prefer to get around in the city by bike oBike is definitely one of the more useful Sydney transport apps for you. oBikes are all over the city, and the app allows you to unlock and use the bike as long as you need it, and mark the journey complete when you are finished.

Download oBike:
iOS            Android


Mobike is also an app for the occasional biker. The pricing is slightly different from oBikes but the concept is very similar. Depending on how often you are planning to rent a bike you may prefer one or the other.

Download moobike:
iOS            Android

Taxi and Ride Share


Rydo is an awesome app allowing you to call, track and pay for a regular taxi conveniently on your phone. The app has many features for riders with the option for personal, corporate accounts, you can pick and choose the cab size or type.

Download Rydo:
iOS            Android


One of the most popular Sydney transport apps is undoubtably Uber. The app connects private ride share drivers with passengers. Many other ride share apps emerged over time, however Uber is still the most widely used one. It stands out with more drivers and functionality, such as scheduled trips and cheaper rides if you are sharing with other passengers.

Download Uber:
iOS            Android


Similarly to Uber Ola is a ride share app that allows private drivers providing taxis services. Generally it’s cheaper than Uber, however there aren’t as many drivers so you may need to wait a bit longer for your ride.

Download Ola:
iOS            Android


One of the newer ride share apps is Taxify. Same as Ola they compete with Uber on price, however with less drivers on board the wait times are longer, so make sure you make your reservation in time.

Download Taxify:
iOS            Android

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