CV Template

Did you know that you shouldn’t have any personal information like age, gender or a photo on an Australian CV? Just like any other country there are local specifications to how your professional resume should look like.

You can start applying for jobs from a foreign country, or arrive to Australia and then start looking. Either way, it’s inevitable that you will need to update your resume. The task can be daunting, and you might have to restructure it if the standards are different in the country you are moving from. A polished, well written Australian CV is absolutely essential to score a job in Australia. Most importantly your resume will be reviewed by the immigration office as part of your visa application.

Before you start the applications, you will need to make sure that your resume conforms with the expectations for an Australian CV. Landed s here to help so you don’t have to add another long task to your already daunting to do list. We created a dummy CV for you, that is already up to local standards. Download this pre-set Australian CV template. All you need to do is update it with your information and job history.

To get more tips on how to write a cracking resume read this blog post about how to write and Australian CV.

Once your CV is ready to go, don’t forget to update your LinkedIn profile as well. Are you ready for the next step? It’s time to start job hunting. Read our article about how to find a job in Sydney.