5 ways to make new friends in Sydney

Moving to a new country is always exciting, however one of the few downfalls include that you can’t take your friends with you. The first few weeks can be a bit lonely so we put together a list of places that will jumpstart social life in your new home.

How to score your dream apartment in Sydney

Rental market is a bit like a job application in Sydney. If you found a good deal chances are you are about to enter a competition. Having said that, don’t be disheartened by the challenge, if you prepare yourself it’s going to be easier than you think. 

5 not so obvious things moving to Australia from Europe

Sydney is so similar to Europe in so many ways, it doesn’t feel like you are 10 thousand miles away. It’s comforting and makes you forget to be alert that things might be different here, and trust me: some things are very different down under.

11 tips for when your kid is going to university abroad

Moving to a new country for university brings out mixed feelings from the parents. You must be excited and proud of your bright and independent kid but also nervous and worried for your baby flying out of the nest.